Meet the Team

Ryan Inwards

I am your Sports Centre Manager. My passion lies within helping others to change their life for the better and achieve their maximum results.

I firmly believe that the Fitness Team can help anybody achieve their fitness goals regardless of their circumstances, giving you the tools to live a healthier more active lifestyle. Providing you with in-depth nutritional knowledge and the right exercise programme for your body.

I have worked with a huge diversity of different clients from all over the world. From familiarising young adolescents to safe and effective exercise to also starting an over 50’s programme introducing the older generation to start their fitness adventure.

I am very keen for my team to apply their in-depth knowledge to as many people as possible, therefore please do take advantage or our free induction process to help you understand your body better.

I want to pledge that the client is always put first ensuring that they are fully satisfied with the facilities and the service provided from the Fitness team, but more importantly enjoying their health and fitness experience here at the Winston Sports Centre.

Dan Sharpe

I am the Assistant Manager here at Winston Sports Centre and I am here to assist you within the Gym to ensure you are reaching your fitness goals.

My fitness adventure began back in 2013. Back in school I was always known as the “big kid” and this lead me to always feeling self-conscious about the way I looked, which has allowed me to understand how much of an impact mental health can contribute to a persons health and wellbeing. However, coming to the end of my time in year 11, I saw an opportunity through health and fitness to make a change in my life and overcome these negative thoughts, and ever since then fitness has played a major role in my life.

With health and fitness becoming a major part of my life I wanted to enhance my knowledge within the fitness world, so that I could share that knowledge and my own personal experiences to help others with their own fitness journeys. During my time at University I did not just study the science behind exercise and nutrition, I also got the opportunity to work with a huge diverse range of people all with different fitness levels and abilities.

At Winston Sports Centre the rest of the team and I are here to help you! Whether you are new to working out and just need guidance on how to start, or whether you are experienced in the gym and you are just seeking that extra little push to help you reach your fitness goals, I am here for you!