Tuesday, 19:00-20:00, Churchill Suite
Wednesday 20:00-21:00, Churchill Suite

£7 drop in for non-members

This 60 minute mixed ability class is a blend of vinyasa flow and hatha yoga – movement and static held poses. 

A welcoming and challenging environment that will inspire students to develop their passion for yoga and build on personal strength and flexibility. Classes are taught alongside carefully chosen instrumental music, providing an atmospheric setting that aids a deeper connection to the practice. To increase body awareness and understanding, simple information and anatomy is explained at relevant junctures. 

Classes are different each week, covering different topics, themes & body parts.  Themes relating to yogic philosophy are also acknowledged in a non-religious way; (e.g.non-attachment, gratitude, compassion), with a nod towards the origins of yoga via sanskrit, pranayama (breath techniques) and observation of the chakras (energy wheels).  

An all round class that will leave you feeling relaxed, revived, clear, informed and with a renewed sense of self.

Students are encouraged to take modifications, know when to challenge themselves and when to be kinder to themselves. We aim to work in an all accepting, non-judgmental, non-competitive environment. 

Mats & other equipment provided, but if you have your own feel free to bring it, along with a bottle of water. 

This class is £7 drop in.

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